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Arguelles & Company LLC | Belize Attorneys

Arguelles & Company LLC | Belize Attorneys

High calibre and specialised staff.

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Full Description

Arguelles & Company LLC – Belize Attorneys have developed high calibre and specialized staff and expertise in all aspects of structuring quality legal solutions for straightforward as well as complicated matters resulting in increased savings for the client coupled with savings in time.

The firm places special professional emphasis on the importance of confidentiality between Attorney-Client relationships as well as within the structures themselves and absolutely in regard to third parties and other entities.

The firm specializes in select areas of Belize law and thus has the support staff and contacts to expedite and facilitate client transactions. As the working relationship is long term and mutual, the firm prides itself on securing a few good clients rather than to seek out bulk work requests which result in the loss of personal contact and efficiency. Please contact us for a rate quote depending on the type of work and complexity required as we are bound by certain Belize Bar fee schedule considerations depending on the matter and experience of the Belize Attorney involved.

Practice Areas

Real Estate
Intellectual Property
Corporate, Offshore & Commercial
Ancillary Services




Arguelles & Company 4th Floor, The Matalon Coney Drive Belize City, Belize

Telephone Number: